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About the Author

Marga Eleonora Scroppo is the only Professional Human Design Consultant in India and she certified in 2018 with Chetan Parkyn, one of the most renewed teachers in the whole world.

She is originally from Italy but she has been living in India since 2004 where she offers readings and programs mostly online and in person when it is possibile.

She started to practice Dinamica Mentale (Mind Dynamics) and Autogenic Training in Italy when she was just a teen-ager, together with her mother, getting a taste of the depth of inner power from a very early age. She also became interested in Astrology and Tarot Reading, and started an informal though successful practice among her family and friends circle.

Later she graduated as a teacher and worked in Elementary School, in Italy, for several years.

Eventually, in 2000, her life journey brought her to India, where she learnt the Art of Meditation which she practices on a daily basis since then.

She certificated in several meditation techniques which enabled her to teach people how to meditate.

In 2004 she came in contact with Human Design that started to add up and give a new and fresher thrill to her Astrology background. For many years she could not find a good Human Design school/teacher and so kept on studying by herself.

Finally, in 2011 she got in touch with Chetan Parkyn and certified with him in 2018. In the same year she started to know and study the Gene Keys that added a further level of depth to her knowledge and work. In 2021 she certified as a Gene Key Guide and in 2022 as Gene Keys Delta Guide