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A Human Design reading can change your life

Yes, a Human Design reading can really make a huge difference in your life. Not because it will give you the answers to those taunting questions you have been asking for ever, but because it will give you a new perspective of yourself in this world and in this life.

A perspective that will really allow you to fully relax in who and what you are, letting go of the pressure to become someone or something else. And at the same time it will give you very simple yet very powerful tools that will really help you in being able to express yourself at your truest and at your best, becoming aware of what hinders your growth and happiness and going beyond the grips of conditioning.

What kind of reading?

Human Design is a vast map of human consciousness, so there are many possibilities and levels of reading.

  • Basic Reading Get to know the fundamentals of your Human Design chart and how to embrace them: type and strategy, getting acquainted with the wiring of your energy and learning how to use it properly, with max results; defined and undefined centers, understanding your main resources and challenges, strengths and vulnerabilities; authority, embracing your optimal decision-making style; profile, understanding your main immediate resonance and connection with the people and the world around you;

The next step can play out in different ways:

  • Complete Gates and Lines Reading A deepening of your understanding of your chart – and yourself! – that will give you the real and whole picture of your energetic mapping and of the very fabric of your consciousness and mode of communication and action;
  • Destiny Reading 1 A magical and mystical encounter with the mystery of your destiny and journey into this lifetime through the reading of your Incarnation Theme (it is also an expansion of the Profile reading);
  • Destiny Reading 2 The “destiny factor” can be further deepened and expanded through the study of Lunar Nodes, while a look at slow Planetary Cycles will give a strong perspective of the past and its challenges: where do your soul comes from, and where is it bound?
  • Emotional Journey Reading A close look at the positions of Planets that rule our emotional life, the way we relate, the wounds that we carry and how to make peace with it all;
  • The “Knack” Reading A detailed analysis of the planetary positions that most define and affect – for the good and the bad – our outcomes related to Creativity, Leadership, Team-work, Prosperity, Manifestation, and how to get the… knack of it all;

Another important aspect of Human Design is the possibility of studying composite charts for:

  • Marriage Compatibility (Choosing the right person)
  • Relationships (Partners, children, parents, friends)
  • Family (All members)
  • Work Teams and other groups of people (HR oriented)
  • Planetary Transits & Returns (Focal moments in the past, present, future; daily basis)

All readings will be focusing on the expansion of consciousness and the empowering of the the being, with a clear eye on conditioning factors and on becoming aware of their working and eventually be free of them.

Fees & Bookings

90 minutes reading:

India: 7000 Rs (UPI or Bank transfer)

Europe: 150 Euros (Bank transfer)

US and Australia: 200 Dollars (PayPal)

15% discount for three or more readings (family included)

Readings will happen mostly online

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