Raffaella ~ The study on my Human Design continues and I feel deep gratitude for you, because you were able to open for me this awareness that has changed my life so much!

Una ~ Marga is incredibly perceptive. She brought a lifetime of studying astrological, philosophical systems and human nature, and more importantly, the wisdom and conviction of having lived earnestly, into our reading. I was not able to fully appreciate the intricacy of the esoteric universe but I could see that her insights were rooted in an all-encompassing system. Some things might have been written in our charts but it takes a rare intelligent and intuitive interpreter to trace the path on them. Marga was very receptive to my challenges of some traits I hadn’t seen in myself. It was a probing and ultimately affirming experience.

Bali ~ I was very skeptical about a HD reading, because I had read something and heard some opinions and had the feeling that it was a system that would put me in a very tight cage. When Marga offered me a reading, I said yes mainly because I trusted her and then because of the enthusiasm with which she spoke about it. Trust has been well placed. It was an articulate and very rich reading lasting more than 2 hours (I had to end it for previous commitments) and today I am sorry I did not record it because I would have liked to be able to listen to it every now and then. It has opened up a new world to me. As I listened to her I couldn’t believe how many aspects of me she was giving voice and light, (vision, clarifications, welcome). I felt understood and seen in the most hidden corners of my life, of my choices; and with the broad vision of her reading I felt relieved, understood, supported and very expanded. This is the feeling I still have today when I remember that afternoon spent reading my chart. During the reading, new windows of understanding were opened regarding my choices of work, of life, of relationships that I took for granted and that perhaps I considered of little value. I was positively overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge necessary for a reading of the system, resting on a very vast body of information… astrology, I-Ching, psychology… My first reading has swept away doubts and uncertainties that I had on HD and although I have not yet done another reading, every time I meet Marga we always chat about what she continues to learn and discover on the system. And I often remain speechless in the face of the meticulousness and richness of details that come out of the deepening of HD.

Viplove ~ Finding direction is increasingly difficult in the world today. The onslaught of misinformation, biases and sheer lies, at times, leaves one wondering where to turn for the answers to questions that burn in your soul. The ones keep you up at night. “What am I supposed to do? What is my purpose? How do I know if I’m making the right choices?”
Marga’s insights into my Human Design and her hand-holding throughout the process of understanding and practicing its principles has proved to be my little corner of peace in a restless world. She helped me uncover some interesting patterns, eased some very difficult questions, and untangled a lot of dilemmas.
The process of transformation is never easy. It’s challenging, painful, and needs hard work. A guide like Marga has been and will continue to be invaluable in my journey

Varsha ~ Marga my love, I’ve been wanting to send you a thank you message for long. You have changed the way I perceive life and people. You’ve been that guru I was always looking for I guess.
I still do lose my shit many times. But overall I am able to find some peace within.
I will be forever grateful to you for showing me a different path.

Laura X ~ Dear Marga, I am listening once again to the reading you gave me 2 years ago in Mandrem, where I am now.
It’s amazing to hear this again in Goa, and I find it so very useful still now.
So I just wanted to thank you again!